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Black Veneer


Active Subwoofer

2015 sees the new release of the MS-150, a new active subwoofer from Mission for your hi-fi or home entertainment system. The new subwoofer offers everything expected from a hi-fi brand with over 40 years of hi-fi heritage; clarity, depth and power, yet at an astonishingly affordable price point.

Built with a 150mm long throw driver, the subwoofer is housed in a sealed-box cabinet with a blackwood vinyl finish, the perfect companion to the VX Series.

As you would expect, the new subwoofer has been suitably tuned and tested in Mission's advanced facilities, while a continually adjustable filter slope from 40Hz - 150Hz ensures complete integration into your own system as you desire.

The MS-150 is capable of a 150W peak power output, and is set to deliver a new dimension to your home cinema experience, without breaking the bank.


  • Active Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer
  • 1 x (10'') 250mm long-throw woofer
  •  35 - 150Hz frequency response
  • 120W amplifier output
  • 250W peak power output


  • 200mV line input sensitivity
  • 40 - 150Hz crossover frequency
  • Stereo RCA Phono input
  • Mono line in (RCA Phono)
  • ≥85dB S/N ratio


  • 110dB max output @ 1m
  • 363(+30) x 333 x 375(+22)mm
  • 13kg